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Air – The Fourth ( Deadly) Element

“Another glorious day, the air as delicious to the lungs as nectar to the tongue.”
John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

Flag of the World Meteorological Organization

Flag of the World Meteorological Organization (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The International Meteorological Organization (1873–1951) was the first organization formed with the purpose of exchanging weather information among the countries of the world. It was born from the realization that weather systems move across country boundaries and knowledge of pressure, temperature, precipitations, etc. upstream and downstream is needed for weather forecasting.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is the UN system’s authoritative voice on the state and behavior of the Earth’s atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources.

The WMO and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) jointly created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is also directly responsible for the creation of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW).

Now that we have established that talking about weather is not UN-fashionable but elitist ! We are still a long way of from being as élite as our ancestors who helped define and set up such an organization.

Could it be perhaps because they were a few generations closer to John Muir than the present batch ? After-all one seriously can’t feel the taste of nectar, with the polluted air being circulated through a treated fresh air or  TFA system.  And would perhaps relate 23rd March as Chaka Khans birthday. Rather than celebrate the weather. (World Meteorological Day). Although she too would find it hard to breath through the smoke of annual forest fire, to sign her famous song!

Air….the element of Nature can be equally deadly as the other four !

It is air without which a single breath of life can’t be possible.

For it is air, which moves the clouds and creates the weather patterns…. a suitable weather (atmosphere) sustains life.

Monsoon Forecast Remains Under a Cloud

Aug 21 2014 : The Economic Times (Mumbai) by Madhvi Sally.

Erratic monsoon triggers reassessment of new `normal’, which could have significant implications for water management, food production & prices.The monsoon has become so erratic over the years that the weather office is reassessing what the `normal’ would be for the vital weather system, an exercise that has sweeping implications for water management, food production and prices, apart from the historic nature of such an endeavor. Over the past decades, India’s agricultural practices have been tied to the June-September monsoon and the rainfall pattern during the four-month season. Any review of the `normal’ would thus have a direct impact on the food security of 1.25 billion people.

Meteorologists say such a reassessment may be warranted. In the last six decades, the number of rainy days in the season has been falling, deserts are getting shockingly heavy rain, extreme rainfall incidents such as the one that devastated Mumbai in 2005 are rising, and monsoon showers have continued a month after the normal withdrawal date for the past 7-8 years.

Experts say the trend can upset crop cycles, create water shortages in some regions and force farmers and policy makers to think of productivity in terms of output per unit of water, not per acre as the monsoon is getting weaker and more erratic. (read more)

Lapse in rainfall across highly productive north will have impact on farm output, prices There has been no rain at all in Haryana, Punjab and W Rajasthan for the past couple of days

The monsoon has almost vanished from the grain bowls of northern, western and central India, where some regions received no rainfall in recent days while many got barely 2-10% of normal, reviving risk to farm output and prices. Rainfall had revived significantly in the middle of last month, bouncing back from an alarming 43% seasonal deficit to barely 16% after a few weeks of heavy showers. But with rainfall dipping in the past two weeks, deficit has again widened again to 18% for the entire country. It is much higher in crucial cropping zones in northern and central India but the country’s average looks better because of heavy rain in parts of south and northeast, which are agriculturally less significant. In Punjab and Haryana, shortfall is more than 60%, having an impact on productivity even though these regions have irrigation facilities. Some states have received no rainfall in the past few days.(Read more)

That the topic was carried in the prestigious Economic Times in itself underscores the importance of the subject. But as the main article is carried on page # 17 instead of with the banner in the front page also underscores that the deadly impact of food crisis is not understood by those with a full belly !

And this very complacency gives credence to the those who discount evidence of Climate Change, and perhaps having  their coffers being filled by the producers of GM – Crops for the effort !

Advocates of  GM Crops ( Genetically Modified ) Companies, do not seem to understand why there is resistance to their seemingly Messianic  quest to be able to produce more food. Perhaps better crop than what we have through natural selection.

The point is not the GM Crops, but Nature has a law – survival of the fittest ! Thus when over time the GM crops would completely destroy every naturally grown crop.

Then Man, who essentially is a wolf in sheep’s clothing ! Would without lifting a single finger in act of war subjugate Countries! While citizens in a Democracy are also slaves, even without actually knowing it; this fact  has not really affected Nature.

But when the very Natural System would come under threat from the insatiable greed of Man, who would as evidence has always proved ( Palm Oil production ) denude the last of the natural ecosystem, for want of profit !

The Natural Disasters would exacerbate !

So having understood what can be the situation, should we not try and abate Climate Change, which has a direct bearing on the way the water  and air currents would behave in the future ? Any change in the way the air moves, as proven above has a direct bearing on rainfall.

Just as Water so is Air. ….. a principle life giver !

Thus a deadly element.


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Sustainable Living – Corruption is the biggest impediment

Some recent events in the past week in India were – Burning down of the “Mantralaya”. Mantralaya is the administrative headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra in South Mumbai, built in 1955;  it houses the offices of the MLA’s of Maharashtra including the Chief Minister. It is said that 75% of fire caused in Mumbai are due to electrical short circuits. To find post investigation, that the Assembly had illegal construction and had violated all fire norms leading to the recent fire disaster is most sobering as it is a telling report on the governance in India.

In India Illegal is so common place that it is difficult to know if that itself is the actual Law or not.  The mind & soul of almost all Indians have become immune to corruption, those who indulge in it and also those who suffer the corruption. Apathy of the Governing class has almost reached the zenith and this would likely to have a direct bearing, not only on the growth of our Economy but is also  detrimental to Sustainable Living. And thus has a direct bearing to the destruction of the Ecosystem.

Illegal shops on pavements and lax laws create traffic problems in Mumbai

How are corruption and sustainable living co-related? How does the common person understand the effect of corruption and bad governance?  Below are some thoughts, which will help readers deduce more such situations –

1. When one travels bumper to bumper in peak office hours,two things happen.

a] The mileage of any vehicle goes for a toss. So the common person is spending more than norm in way of added fuel and maintenance of self (hyper-tension; road rage) and the auto-mobile. It also has a direct bearing on inflating cost of goods and commodity.

b] The pollution level rises, with long term effect on the City and  contributes to the Global warming  & Climate change significantly.


Mumbai (Photo credit: chnswam)

Urban planning usually involves experts who take into account the growth of a city from all possible demographic angles. A city or town  must be planned perfect; one can read more in these two articles – Urban Development Rules: How C40 -City rules can make a difference for India.   Sustainable Cities – Why town planning is important.  As what I wrote in these are but a continuation to the argument I am putting here.

An indecent is happening in Pune, Maharashtra. As reported in the DNA News paper in detail “A residential complex in Kakade City spread over 1 lakh sq mt in Hingne area, Pune, enjoyed many concessions which could put the neighbourhood in danger. Documents procured by DNA under the RTI Act show that the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) shifted the alignment of a road under development plan (DP) and turned a blind eye to what could have been an illegal encroachment on a nullah in the area.”

Pune, India

Pune, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While it is the responsibility of the state to provide employment & business opportunity to all; but by not creating proper infrastructure and maintaining strict laws which should govern utility and facilities & services in a city, encroachment occur on to the public spaces. Violation of Development Laws, which earmark areas as no construction zone, such as catchment areas, natural drainage ( “nullas”) which can not be seen, but via satellite imagery; and allowing illegal construction lead to events such as flooding. The above news today resonate what was told few months back via this article Bangkok floods – Next, New Delhi ?  We keep repeating mistakes which have already proven costly.

English: India Against Corruption - Protestors...

English: India Against Corruption – Protestors in Pune,India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The World today does not have the time to recover from the errors we have already made and its mitigation is of prime importance. But that can not be possible unless direct co-relation between a young couple buying an apartment, lets say in the area of Pune mentioned above; thus encouraging more such illegal and unsustainable development is made and most importantly communicated to them. The common person must become aware and angry, if this world needs to survive.

Whenever the common man turn a blind eye to an open and abandoned bore-well ; the likes of 5yr old Mahi to die, 70 feet under the ground, close to her home while playing. While we all know about food waste, little thought is given that by having uncontrolled Urban sprawl we are creating a food crisis, as reported by UN which will lead to famine.

Corruption is slowly leading civilisation to Extinction, its time to understand that the laws of Sustainable Living, is all encompassing and not just  passing laws to limit GHG emission here or planting a few trees or building a small  clutch of energy efficient buildings. And neither is it limited to failure or success of a UNFCCC meet.


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