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Green Business Idea – It’s time we sell oxygen to Nations!

COP19 or CMP9 was held in Warsaw, Poland from 11 to 23 November 2013. Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines from November 2 to 11 2013. .

CoP20 or CMP10 is being held in Lima, Peru from the 1 to 12 December 2014. Typhoon Hagupit is currently ongoing….

The reason for this repeat disaster is simple…

the World simply can’t agree to pay a price for Carbon !

It is a fact.No person on Earth would willingly want to pay for something, if it could be had for free.

But every Nation loves to sell !!

We have been quite successful in selling “Carbon”. The use of the word “Success” here implies that the concept of selling “thin air” which CO2 is; is possible. Not the success or failure of the Kyoto Protocol.

This proves beyond doubt that anything sells…all that is need is proper persuasion and packaging !

But, it is also true that the end result must be profitable. And the business plan must be sustainable. Neither is true in the case of selling Carbon. Simply because, almost all of us are hard-wired to accept Oxygen as the breadth of life. And Carbon is associate with “waste” which we discharge when exhaling! Rest of  the gases are a little less understood by the common person.

And what can’t be appreciated can’t be sold ! Even with a UN mandate and regulation in place.

This is an angle the Climate Change Negotiators must factor into their thinking ! Therefore if we wish to truly bring in a paradigm shift in the thinking of the common person. Who is also a Voter. One must change track.

By selling Oxygen to a World plagued by Carbon we may just turn the tide to the less than 2°C goal.

Let’s argue this concept and lay the ground work for the idea to find acceptance by stating some facts as under.

World’s Worst Air Pollution By Cities 2010.

There is Global agreement to the fact that Pollution reduces the life-span of persons by about 5 years. Add to that the regular loss of business due to erratic attendance of the work-force which gets plagued by various ailments. Which finally adds up to loss of National per capita earning and wealth generation.

When we bring into the forefront the devastation which Global Warming brings, not many can understand. It is not because they do not understand the text or visual media. It is because human brain is conditioned to make one feel that s/he is immortal and also blessed.

Misfortune usually happens to others. It is to be appreciated for what it is, but rarely does one feel the actual pain of others. And those who do, are termed as Saints, by the lesser mortals.

Therefore a person living in Philippines, which is facing the treat of flood and rain once more in 13 months can not comprehend the hardships faced by the people in the severest drought California is facing in 1200 years. 

The resultant effect is scarcity of water, which the residents are facing and somewhere the society has started to respond to the crisis by relearning to live sustainably.The California State Govt has in its official web-page come up with various ideas and advisories for the California Drought.

And unprecedented demand to have it all within the shortest possible time has also scarred India.

The Flood Ravaged Kashmir Valley

Sustainable living which people in India still know by default, is sadly fast fading as we in our attitude to “arrive” become more Occidental than Oriental.

And the greatest tragedy is that the devastation of Kashmir would be felt at Kanyakumari. In manners yet to be flagged as urgent.

For when any modern City faces such devastation, the effect is not limited to the personal tragedy of that region. Neither is it limited to the Economic loss of the Nation. For lurking in the background is the long term effect it has on the ecosystem.

And as we all know the Ecosystem has the potential to nurture Life. And its poisoning due to the folly of human can only invite disaster. What guarantee do we have that the super poisonous water, as any flood water must turn into [ when mixed with the carcases of the dead and laced with the leaching of substances like plastic, chlorides, barium, cadmium, lead & arsenic; all that can be found in many a electrical, electronic appliances, building materials and furniture & furnishings.] will not be reaching the ground water and rivers which irrigate the fertile soil which grow a Nations food ?

And such is not the case with the poisonous waters of River Jhelum reaching Punjab through Kashmir ? Can any of the SAARC Nations therefore guarantee that the food products which it would be trading would not therefore be poisoned to some degree? And can the World therefore not wake up to the risk that produce from this region could be harmful to their National Health?

The potential turmoil such thoughts such as above can create must be nipped at the bud. Simply by pointing to the above as a plausible theory.

When death becomes personal, it becomes urgent.

Thus the idea of selling Oxygen the Life giver would find relevance in the lethargic Climate Negotiations.

What one must not confuse with this recommendation, is that it is not asking for any contextual change in the way Climate Change Negotiations have been drafted. It would be self-defeating to undo a single comma or phrase our World Leaders in their wisdom have accepted. So no one is seeking the removal of the term “Carbon Sequestration”  or “Carbon Abatement” or “Carbon Offset“. So which ever method of Carbon Capture and Storage is accepted by the World all that the UNFCCC requires to do is create an Supplementary page on which the Nations agree to sell the above concept as “Selling Oxygen”.

The idea of Life is so powerful that it inspires prose & poetry. There can be no form of advertisement more powerful to sell an idea than having them being told by people who can breathe life to words..literally !

Corporates therefore would have a wonderful tool to take up the tasks of cleaning up their Carbon Emission mess either due to mandatory laws crafted by the Nations or as CSR.

It would be much easy to explain to the common person, that with every bit of Carbon-di-Oxide rise into the atmosphere, the Oxygen gets diminished as the CO2 takes away the O2 from the Air.  And with diminished Oxygen, it is that much harder to breathe. The only salvation therefore is to clean up the air. The encouragement it would receive could revive a lot many industries engaged in this task.

While there may not at present be any scientific data to explain the theory, Nature is about balance of system. In school the classical experiment of burning  a candle under the bell jar produces no change in weight, even post the last wax melts away gives some credence to the idea some are talking about in the annals of Climate Change conferences.


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Will UNFCCC survive the fall of EU in Rio+20 ?

English: United Nations Framework Convention o...

The hard work of the (UNFCCC ) United Nations Forum for Climate Change Control and other similar organizations would be put to severe test by the time GEO 5 or Rio+20 takes place.

The utter mayhem in EU although a cause of concern to all the UN-member countries, there is already the faint noise growing louder by the day from the Climate skeptics, who most if not all are bank-rolled by the Oil – Coal – Nuclear cartel; to whom the world moving towards cleaner and more sustainable way of living is the sound of the death knell. Their combined corporate greed does not let them see that these are but a finite source of energy, the extraction of which is already creating and will create catastrophe. But the chance that these anti environmentalist lobby would win is very very real.

Also as the world economy slows down, it would be more and more easy to by-pass legislation which protect the rain-forest, the tropical ecosystem and the marine life. Projects would come up in form of new mining lease, construction of special economic zones etc etc and each one of them will be at the cost of the environment in the name of  “doing good for the human kind”.

Mean surface temperature change for the period...

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It is therefore ever more important that the common man understands the complexities on nature and join the fight to reduce Global warming! To do that  they must understand the cause of Global Warming in as simple terms as possible. This blog is an attempt towards achieving that goal –

The Keeling Curve of atmospheric CO 2 concentr...

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The burning of fossil fuels sends about twenty four gigatons of CO2
per year into the atmosphere, which although small compared to what goes up in the natural process; the biosphere and the oceans send about 440 gigatons and 330 gigatons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere; it does not get canceled out as the one from nature does.

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissi...

To understand natural balance one just need to look into photosynthesis. Plants sucks up CO2 and releases O2 in the process. The CO2 thus trapped again gets released into the atmosphere with forest fire every year in summer. In monsoon new plants grow and the cycle begins all over again. Although this example is an over-simplification of the process, it helps prove the point I’m making.

However when we burn up fossil fuel to generate electricity or drive our cars, the CO2 emitted is EXTRA, which the nature can not balance out completely with every natural cycle. It’s just like a queue getting longer at a ticket window because only one is operational instead of the regular 3 to cope with the expected crowd.This green house gas can be compared to a quilt with traps heat in the Earth’s lower atmosphere causing it to get warmer and warmer with every addition of the gas, layer by layer each year.

It was calculated in the year 2000 when the world population was 6 Billion that each individual is responsible for about 51/2 tonnes of CO2 per year through the simple action of living his/her life style.

Now it is well documented that the life style of an average US / EU citizen and that of a  Asian / African is not the same. Therefore the pollution can not be divided equally.

However, Nature is a great leveler. It does not discriminate between an American or an African. When the Green Land ice melts ( all of it ) as predicted with the global rise in temperature, the sea level will rise by 7 meter as estimated. All low-lying areas of all continents will sink along with the complete vanishing of small island states.  Quid Pro Quo !

This then if understood by each populace across Nations on time, can help put pressure on their respective governments to not create a farce as it were during  COP-15at Copenhagen.


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