The Apocalypse  of Climate Change made spreading awareness to save the Planet my Karma. Now I seek to create Earth Patriots in every professional from every country. Simply because we have just one Living Planet in this Universe and too many fragmented Countries in this World who are hell-bent to destroy the Earth as we know.

A View of Earth from Saturn

Still believe in Humanity! Not everything needs to be looked through the prism of “Capitalism”. Have hope that the child like innocence which we all have buried deep within us should be set free, it is the only hope for salvation of self, humanity and perhaps even Global warming 😉

Sandeep Goswami.

Earth Patriot is  the blog page of Sandeep Goswami, Chief Operating Officer in Fountain Head -II Clean Tech India Pvt Ltd. An Architectural & Interior design firm practicing sustainable design consultancy. You can know more about the Company in the website:

Disclamer: All views expressed are personal. I do believe that the problem of climate change requires in-depth study to the suggestions provided. I also believe that almost all of them can be achieved should we be able to lower the barriers built for self; social; political and scientific. Simply because, all that we have today are there because we can perfect all the above four barriers. That the results of some have been disastrous; well we can still have hope for redemption and say – ‘to err is human’.


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  1. Alain Souloumiac

    December 13, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    The concept of patriot is powerful. It reminds “la patrie en danger”, when the Revolution was surrounded by conservative monarchies fighting against new regimes based on law and human rights.
    When supported by the people, law is incredibly powerful tool to make things change, to move forward and to reach targets, which look impossible at first glance.
    Laws are necessary to reach the targets set by COP 21. World laws are needed. Models already exist. Fast tools for quality transposition also. Tools for a citizens’ observatory as well.
    Have a look at:
    and to know more:
    mail at:

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