Sustainable Laws: Its a rough ride on the Road to Rio+20

22 Jun

The popular tabloid MIDDAY of Mumbai screamed this heading today Builder-don-MLA nexus erects 1,500 buildings on agricultural land : Recent developments in a shocking construction scam have revealed that for all of CM Prithviraj Chavan’s efforts to wield a fist of iron with realtors, the politician-builder-underworld network continues to flourish and plunder land in the state. A fortnight ago, cops made seven arrests in connection with an illegal construction racket, in which over 1,500 residential buildings were developed on land strictly earmarked for agricultural purposes, in collusion with village heads. The builders allegedly bribed the sarpanch (village head man – usually elected from a group of 5 elders who form the jury)  and upsarpanch ( deputy headman) in 40 villages located in Dombivli, Thane to achieve this end. Investigations related to the shocking case have revealed that the project was financed by elements from the underworld with direct links to dons Chhota Rajan and Ravi Pujari. Abetting these dubious deals were two incumbent MLAs……According to police sources, the builders and developers involved in the scam approached land owners in 27 villages located in Dombivli and 13 in Kalyan, with an offer they would find hard to refuse. The villagers were promised that they would be allowed to enjoy profits from 40 per cent of the flats sold, if they made their agricultural plots available for development. The builders, of course, retain the lion’s share of profit of 60 per cent of the flats sold.According to the charges, the builders also bribed the gram sarpanch and upsarpanch at all the villages they bought out, filling their coffers with large amounts of money. The money trail has been traced back to the financiers from the underworld. Two builders have admitted that their shady dealings were financed by conracts in the underworld.

English: Logo of the Food and Agriculture Orga...

English: Logo of the Food and Agriculture Organization (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates there needs to be a 70 percent increase in global food production to meet the expected growth in the global population. In terms of energy, the global community diverts more than 100 million tons of cereal from the food chain to bio-fuels. “If we add the impact of droughts, floods, hurricanes and other events exacerbated by climate change and the speculation on agricultural commodity futures markets, it becomes clear that the current situation is the chronicle of a disaster foretold,” – Jacques Diouf, the FAO Director General.

Seven Sign That Confirm Earth is on the Verge of Global Food Collapse – Global Food Crisis 2012 video provides us with a chilling truth.

“When the ability of the political system to provide security for the population breaks down, popular support disappears. Conditions of widespread threat to security are particularly present when food is inaccessible to the population at large. In this case, the underlying reason for support of the system is eliminated, and at the same time there is “nothing tolose,” i.e. even the threat of death does not deter actions that are taken in opposition to the political order. Any incident then triggers death-defying protests and other actions that disrupt the existing order.” Complexity Theorists Predict Food Crisis, Riots and Civil Unrest By April 2013.The complete article makes interesting read, and in my personal opinion, I just pray that the predictions never come true.

But, reality has a habit to rear its head up in defiance to all efforts people make to hide. And the reality is we are as a Nation and as member of this ONE Earth, hurtling towards extinction. In my past articles and here again, I shall appeal to all – Media and the Governing bodies and the UNFCCC to heed the call for a campaign on War footing of information sharing.

ADVERTISE THE EXTINCTION PROCESS! And while we are at it, ask top American, European, Asian & African film producers to hire the top-draw actors and make the film – ” THE MIDAS TOUCH”, to be showcased in every nook of this world. It is time the World at large needs to understand that Currency is riches NOT Wealth.

The Wealth of a Nation or a National does not come with currency but with an all-in compassing Ecosystem which has the ability to generate riches.

What good would Mumbai be, or for that matter any City where food is not available? By pushing the agriculture fields further and further away, ripping apart the green cover; due to lackadaisical and inept governance the only thing that is of PRIME importance for SURVIVAL – Food & Water has already become scarce; the next level would be completely unavailable and/or unaffordable but to a few.

English: Sustainable Development Research Centre

English: Sustainable Development Research Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We  must get out of the mode of creating a “pilot” project here and a pilot project there and publish the report and be happy with the findings. The World is in a state of pilot paralysis. We must have convergence of issues and together with NGO’s and Business leaders find opportunities in Sustainable Development. The time for long speeches and non action is long passed. It is time Nations grow out of petty issues and in the 20th Year of UNFCCC give Earth its due respect.


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