Solar Power: the Messiah for the Indian Oil Companies and the Finance Ministry

17 May

Solar Resource Map

Solar Resource Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Distributed Generation” – my long-lost in touch friend and teacher, heading one of India‘s largest state power transmission, told me when I finally traced him. ” You are spot on when you say Solar P.V is the solution, but for the prohibitive cost.” “And if you say you have the solution, bring it on I am sure the State Government of India as well as investor world-wide would like to understand it.” said he.

“I don’t have the numbers, but the idea is good I am sure of that much”, said I.

“Speak your idea. There are enough intelligent people in this world who can figure out the maths much better than you can ever imagine” – he said.

Well, as of today the Indian Rupee is in free fall.While it could have been good news for the export industry, it is not so because of policy paralysis and international investors lack confidence in the Governance system of India. With the Euro-zone in trouble, US$ gaining traction and rampant corruption, which the once efficient Indian Government can no longer control; having given leeway for so long to the  perpetrators of this systemic rot due to political compulsions that it has become a normal life-style for all and sundry.

Corruption in India has become so endemic that with the inflationary pressure and International monetary crisis, compounded with Climate change which brings its own bouquet of trouble that the Country which remained more or less insular in 2008, is gasping for breath. Its leaders, those which are truly concerned about the Country and Governance need all the help it can to save the Country from a “Greek” tragedy.

One of those solution is staring them at their face. Made by them but its implementation still weak. The beautiful NAPCC. A fantastic tool to at once infuse life to business while at the same time stay true to the abatement of Global Warming & Climate Change.

National Solar Mission for increasing share of...

National Solar Mission for increasing share of solar energy in India’s energy portfolio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While each of the Eight National Action Plan on Climate Change are super ideas, combining the three – 1. The National Solar Mission; 2. The National Action Plan for Enhanced Energy Efficiency; 3. The National Action Plan for Green India, in my opinion would cover almost another 3 programs Buildings, Agriculture and the Water mission.

The Green Solution I propose is to go Solar. Today, India provides a huge rebate in Kerosene which gnaws away the innards of any fiscal policy. Stuck between the commitment to its poor and at the same time wanting to make its presence felt as a Global power, India needs to carry out which it already knows as a sure-fire way to stability.

Once we are able to offer through a program Solar Power for rural electrification we would be immediately save Kerosene subsidy which is huge, with Solar Water Pumps, Diesel which is also subsidized can be brought into rational level of costing. The positive effect on the exchequer would be huge even if we give the REC (renewable energy certificate) to the RESCO’s (Renewable Energy Service Company).

In my earlier article I had already mentioned about a model of OPEX Solar solution, it would really take-off in a Giga Watt scale should the Government, and by that I mean the Parliament makes a National commitment.

It is a win-win situation for the People – Parliament – Planet.

Money can also be pooled from the various housing missions for rural poor, Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules come in standard fitting of metal sheet & glass. It has and can be created as a roofing material. Imagine, if with combining the program of Rural electrification; Rural roofing by eliminating asbestos sheet, and Empowering Women & Saving forest,* by giving them CFL bulbs under the “Bachat Lamp Yojna” and using the forestry fund to provide with a twin hob induction stove the sea change it would bring to the climate and the National exchequer. How connecting induction stove to solar is far better than using LPG is given in my earlier article provided with the *link.

What is more, World over there are programs conducted to control pests from destroying thatch/ wooden roof. The process itself gets eliminated, saving money and the environment in the process. Solar Pumps are not new, but a sustained policy is required, to be carried out by corporates in a super transparent manner to modify the diesel power gensets and pumps to work with solar. The SPV modules can also be made portable which can be towed by tractor, to various small plot owners, who can rent the same instead of having to install it, which they could not have due to lack of ample space.

Climate Change Top Election Search Topic

Climate Change Top Election Search Topic (Photo credit: neeravbhatt)

Renewable Energy is a singular Business Idea which can be the messiah for many malaise hobbling the Countries growth, its time think tanks like the CAN, WRI, TERI make their presence felt and make it popular via advertisement.

The power of the media is immense. The Pen shall always remain mightier than the Sword. This must be utilized and the faster the better. Because once public perception changes, laws get made and most importantly get implemented.


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