Green Business (Innovative) Ideas: Simple one are the most profound.

24 Apr

There are some images which once you see, it stays for ever. The one here had a similar effect on me. Simple, practical and affordable. Innovative and Walking the talk. A solution for the common person by a common person who rises to be another Earth Champion with this one act.

The architect ( of this concept tells us through this  machine the numerous things a user can do with it at one time. Go green; go-healthy; go-wealthy ( by cutting down on the gas/electric power of a lawn-mower) and maintain the lawn too. ( the kid version shown here helps harassed Moms too, while getting the job done). In one of my articles a few months back I had mentioned that the common person in the USA and other Western Nations could become the game changer in saving the climate, should they be able to identify with the cause.  And the best part is that the developed nations have the wherewithal to make the change happen, much more than in poorer nations, where the fight for daily survival  is primary.

That the poor innovate more is beyond doubt. Examples of that are many, but just like the ‘water bulb’ the innovation from the poor or developing nations hardly makes an impact in reducing the GHG, unless scaled up for the developed nations. Also one must be cautious about how the innovation is being presented. For example, the Hammocks were developed by native inhabitants of Mexico for sleeping. Made out of natural fibres they were innovative and eco-friendly. Today Nylon hammocks are probably more of an environment menace as would be many such products which when taken out of its context and purpose have become.Same goes even with a concept. While every environmentalist advocate that connecting to nature is important for humans, it takes an altogether different meaning, far removed form the true purpose, when a noisy crowd of tourist, pay a hefty sum of money to the ‘resorts’ to live by nature. They leave discarded plastic and other waste, live irresponsibly using chemical insecticide, and swat anything that crawls into their air-conditioned ‘huts’ considering strangely the creatures as intruders, and a danger to their safety. While the reverse has historically been true.

This other from the pages of shows how profound can be an impact in the lives of fellow humans, if the privileged just give a little thought. How many by-cycles and broken chairs we discard without a thought. What if these are collected by schools and the children of the privileged fashion similar chairs in their SUPW ( some useful productive work ) workshops ?Each such endeavour makes the Earth a little more Greener.And if this idea is scaled properly, a small scale industry can be set up thus providing yet another example of Green Business Ideas.

This idea although has been panned by the original publishers because of use of  Styrofoam, which I too concede as not an environmentally sound choice. I would still give it another chance under the dictum of Reuse – Reduce- Recycle. By reusing these boxes, which one find in various shapes and sizes to grow plants, the use of plastic pots are diminished. In Asian countries like India where we hardly have scientific  process of separating and discarding waste and with the ever growing market for consumer goods, Styrofoam has already penetrated into the heartlands. Finding a better use to it would increase the chance of keeping the plastic and glazed earthen pots at bay, by a small but important fraction. But one thing is a given. Put a price tag on it, however cheap, Indians who by default preserve things against destroying and discarding, even the Styrofoam pots will have a longer life in its new avatar.


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