Solar,Wind & Geothermal Energy can bring World Peace

16 Feb

My Evening which I thought would be relaxing, after a hectic inspection on LEED norms being followed in four small-sized projects, I am currently providing consultation on and not succeeding in breaking down the mental barrier of the site engineers & contractors much; was shattered by listening to News about  the West going vitriolic over a West Asian Nuclear program.

Some News channels were also talking of an impending war! I had just spent the afternoon showing my favorite Power point slide of the burning oil field of Kuwait  (The link on Kuwait shows how it could be seen from space.) & Iraq post Operation Desert Storm. Explaining how burning fossil fuel Causes Global WarmingIt always make them sit up and listen. I explain that all that fuel and much more has been burnt any ways. Only we just don’t see them in such dramatic settings, while emitting it out of our fancy cars, yacht &  airplanes.

 I also quote extensively from an article I read on 28th October 2011“NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner and Director of Global Strategy & Advocacy Jacob Scherr joined UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner at the United Nations today to declare victory in the decades-long campaign to eliminate leaded gasoline worldwide At the event, Dr. Thomas Hatfield of California State University, Northridge, released an independent, peer-reviewed study, which found that eliminating leaded gasoline worldwide will avoid 1.2 million premature deaths and $2.4 trillion in health and economic costs every year. This is huge news for children and families worldwide. The dangers of airborne lead are well-known, especially with respect to lead’s impacts on brain and other development in children.”

Moreover I can not fail to recognize the irony which I also read in an article around the same year 25th July 2011, – Germany, which has taken over the presidency of the UNSC, sought a discussion on climate change and security. It also attempted to get a Presidential statement passed, suggesting that the UNSC could play a more pro-active role in climate change talks. Though China and Russia initially opposed the move, they later fell in line. But, like India, both these nations opposed the bid to reduce the role of UNFCCC in climate talks. “Politicians, diplomats and security experts across the board — not only in the Western world — share the assessment that climate change might have a serious impact on international peace and security”, – In an op-ed piece in The Huffington Post, Peter Wettig, Germany’s ambassador to the UN argued.

While the UNSC members are aware of Climate change and willing to discuss measures to prevent Climate refugees I can not fathom the reason as to why the same UNSC can not see another telling aspect on Climate Change?

In my article Will UNEP lose to UNSC to avert Global warming? I had asked a simple question to the powers that be in the Global Warming arena – “I wonder if the upcoming UNFCCC report would contain the effect of War on the Global Climate! All those bunker – busting bombs in Tora-bora mountain in the Afghanistan – Pakistan region, or the burning of oil fields in Kuwait during the Desert storm and later the devastation of Iraq, Libya and …hope there is no more, PLEASE!”

This article is a supplication to all those Organizations and people who do have some influence in World affairs to promote the use of RE much more vigorously than before, for these are unprecedented times. As Countries are grappling for a solution for economic stability which  also comes through having a sustained supply of Energy, the choice of the source has become most important.

As Nuclear and Fossil fuel are the most controversial, now is the time to promote the extensive use of Geothermal instead of Nuclear and supplement it with Solar & Wind.

For what could be more foolish than waging war when Green Business Ideas can solve the issues once and for all ?

Will all due respect to the original photographers, I hope they do understand that the images I have used by them is for a greater cause. I would remove it should they object. I also thankfully acknowledge the published Articles those have been taken from various sources, mentioned as ‘Source’ for reference. I do not claim any Copyright on them  and collected here for Non-Commercial purpose and to generate awareness.


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2 responses to “Solar,Wind & Geothermal Energy can bring World Peace

    • Oyeta936

      February 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM

      Thanks for sending out the article. Just proves that my assessment given in my article -The USA has given some of the top inventions to abate Climate Change; is vindicated.



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