Green Business Ideas :Bombay can produce 2MW / day of Electricity by just adding Piezoelectric tiles on railway stations.

10 Feb

While better building designs are happening all over the world, what puts India & China apart from the other BASIC countries is the sheer population. A lot of predictions are happening that the per capita emission from India & China would be more in the coming years than its polluting friends the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and the rest.

It requires a serious leap of faith as how would India, which although called an Emerging Nation could ever have a per-capita emission of 20 ton CO2e when most of rural India still burns a kerosene lamp and that  amount to around about 2 watts of light, and that  too only for 4 hours as the fuel even though heavily subsidized, is still costly for them. One has to however, agree that the megalopolis of India namely Mumbai (Bombay) & Delhi followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad,  Chennai, Kolkata and other class I & II cities are catching up to the consumerist character, without moderation in its run up to be known as advanced and “happening” Cities. And here there could be a danger of the citizens catching up to their EU / US  counterparts in matching the CO2e emission, in the nearest future.

So, what does the Indian cities have which the American / European cities don’t? Which is usually a bane but in this instance can be turned into a boon? Simple – mind-boggling population. If we only tap the Urban population traveling in suburban trains we can do wonders in reducing CO2e. Let me take a little more time to explain how.

The Mumbai Suburban Railway is the oldest in Asia, it was founded in 1867. It is owned by Indian Railways and is operated by Western Railways and Central Railways. With a length of 303 km, It has highest passenger density in the world, 6.3 million people daily travel by the Suburban railways, within Mumbai & its suburbs. I bet this population would be more than many countries.

Now imagine if we can place Piezoelectric tiles in all the suburban station? Just at the entry point?  Lets do some simple calculation.

Let say an average person, weighing 60 kg, will generate only 0.1 watt in the single second required to take two steps across the tile of size 2 feet x 2 feet. So if we multiply population by the watt produced;  6000000 x 0.1 = 600,000 watts.

This would be around 600 KW of electricity generated per day.

We would off-course need more than just one tile, this is just to explain the logic. And a minimum of 2 MW per day could be generated from the suburban stations alone. All that would be required is to understand the cost factor and incentives from the Government, to initially popularize it.

Now if we increase the scope of the tile and use it in malls, hospitals, sub-way entrances the City would start to generate a decent amount of energy, which can then be used to power the street lights and common lights. As it would become more and more popular, India would perhaps start manufacturing this locally and soon having piezoelectric door mats at the entrance of lobbies in housing societies around the City. Or perhaps China, with its superb business acumen start manufacturing and selling them in India and other South East Asian countries.

The most beautiful thing about this invention is its portability. Once adapted to Indian conditions,  various State Governments could create a program along with reputed NGO’s to  carry out them in remote village schools. The power generated by Human feet can really empower and revolutionize India and even African, South East Asia and Latin American Nations.



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5 responses to “Green Business Ideas :Bombay can produce 2MW / day of Electricity by just adding Piezoelectric tiles on railway stations.

  1. acckkii

    February 11, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    for your information.

    Markus Fitzhenry commented on Quote of the Week – “I feel duped”.
    in response to Anthony Watts:
    Miguel Rakiewicz writes in Tips and Notes: has today published the English translation of its interview of “The Cold Sun” author, Fritz Vahrenholt.,1518,813814,00.html Not only is Vahrenholt a prominent Social Democrat and former German Environment Minister, but also outgoing CEO of the renewable energy group RWE Innogy. It’s an extensive interview, touching upon […]
    SUGGESTION: How to tell somebody why you don’t believe in AGW. Science, won the day for scepticism, the scientific method when properly applied won the day. It is the solid foundation that sceptics are able to base their argument upon. Science can’t be politicised, truth of fact can’t be denied, a syntax of logic will always destroy beliefs that are without truth. The Science says: Pressure is the required variable only if one compares Atmosheric Thermal Enhancement across planets. For any individual planet, it is the atmospheric mass that effectively controls thermal enhancement. There is no confusion with the pressure-controlled lapse rate with the atmosphere of a given planet. Why Now? It’s the science; • The climate of Earths’ atmosphere results from a formation of a climate machine by combining solar isolation and force of pressure. Coupled with spatio-temporal chaotic systems of irradiation and radiation of surface and atmosphere, dynamic heat distributions of oceans, a multiple pole thermodynamic atmosphere, with a gravitational velocity and planetary harmonics, spinning on an uneven axis around a Sun, with fluctuation of solar isolation, immersed in a space that has galactic electromagnetic winds. • The physical construct of a planet, with or without an atmosphere, retains ancient energy by the force of pressure on its mass. Otherwise planets could not exist. • Planets attract cold by the density of its mass and distribute heat by the dynamics of mass. Space attracts heat by the sparsest of its mass. • Heat rises, cool sinks. Atmosphere cannot back radiate heat to a warmer surface than the atmosphere which, cools with height. Thermodynamic gas laws describe the mechanisms of weather in the troposphere. Ref: General Remarks on the Temperature of the Terrestrial Globe and the Planetary Spaces; by Baron Fourier. The pressure of the atmosphere and bodies of water, has the general effect to render the distribution of heat more uniform. In the ocean and in the lakes, the coldest particles, or rather those whose density is the greatest, are continually tending downwards, and the motion of heat depending on this cause is much more rapid than that which takes place in solid masses in consequence of their connecting power. The mathematical examination of this effect would require exact and numerous observations. These would enable us to understand how this internal motion prevents the internal heat of the globe from becoming sensible in deep waters. Where NASA got the science wrong: Arrhenious in 1897 screwed up about the conservation of energy in gaseous mass , he flipped out about the relationship of carbon to life in a stupid greenhouse. Dopey Hansen in the early 80’s flipped out about Arrhenious’ mistake and caused all his stupid mates to believe in an invalid scientific principle. They spent billions in chasing argumentum ad populum. When, if they had followed a correct method of science, by applying scepticism, they would have found the answer that has been there, right under their noses. Climate is a multidisciplinary field of science, and cannot be treated as a pseudoscience, necessary of propitiation. Science will correct this fatal mistake. The force of pressure encloses our atmosphere not a greenhouse. So, when somebody asks why you don’t believe in AGW you can say; “It’s the science, stupid.” Ike Eisenhower gave a warning, philosophers expressed it, we fell for it. This time it came in the cloak of science. The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin’. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’.
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  2. acckkii

    February 11, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    600kw is the electricity that a caterpillar diesel engine can generate it easily. 2MW is 3 CAT engine. You are talking about local small solutions. Green party has finished. Please have a look and Quote of the Week – “I feel duped”
    by acckkii

    Declining global average cloud height: “A significant measure of negative feedback to global warming”
    Windfarm noise – Renowned acoustician denounces double standards in noise regulations


    • Oyeta936

      February 11, 2012 at 7:58 PM

      My article is about technological solutions, which I find interesting and apply in my business solutions. In 2009 the Indian interlocutor had told me “those who believe that the UNFCCC meet is about Global Warming are duping themselves, one should understand that it is another global business platform to promote high tech business. If this business can reduce dependence to fossil fuel, which undoubtedly cause pollution I prefer it”.

      The IPCC clearly states that it is a study on the impact of Human activity which could be causing Global warming. Any event which is Natural is out side its preview. So there could be events which may be causing a Global cooling but that does not get covered by IPCC.

      Moreover, to me Global Warming, etc are media given words which one needs to use to reach the masses; essentially it is Pollution created by the Industrial high carbon growth, which is for all to see. Smog, acid rain, noise, submergence of beautiful valleys and uprooting of local populace due to hydle dams. If “Green” technology can provide electricity to the needy,business to the unemployed I think it is good.

      And of-course I talk about local solutions. Saving the world is not the default agenda in my blog, the heading is self explanatory – Green BUSINESS Ideas. If some greater good is happening as a result, thats welcome.


      • acckkii

        February 11, 2012 at 10:13 PM

        Any initiative from any individual of course is welcome. My point is energy mass production. I invite you to blogs and sites regarding this important issue. Green energy does not have strong infrastructure still long way ahead to find solutions. I name them baby energies. Hope some day there is well defined technology for renewals. Good luck.


        • Oyeta936

          February 11, 2012 at 10:54 PM

          Thank you, you are most kind. We too hope as WRI report says 2012 may well be the start year for serious Clean tech solutions, we can only wait and see how the economics play out. :-]



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