Green Business Ideas : Cheap Solar Power is possible

24 Jan

Most Small Companies who are installing roof top Solar Panels are doing so to get the Tax rebate in India. They are also doing it to “earn” Carbon Credits. For the lay business person “earning” carbon credits means “profit”. While it can not be true because the system of Carbon Credit fund is just to improve your IRR, and can’t be found under BUA ; I do not like to discourage this trend. Why? Simple – to earn Carbon Credits one has to do a CDM project. And I love that. Then if it can be proven to be a valid project worthy of Carbon Credit funds, great! By that time they understand that, they do a good job and can see the benefits all around to bother much for the “profit” through CER’s. If they get it its nice but the life-cycle benefits of a Green Building is consolation enough.

But Carbon Credit can become profitable, at least with due diligence and revised thought by the CDM authority. And be given as an incentive to those who would be able to do rural electrification or as in the case of India, provide electricity in tier III towns for a decent time with the help of the wires and cables the Government of the day may have installed during the election years, but forget to insure supply of power on a regular basis once chosen to govern. Not because they chose not too, but during the heat of elections most forget that there is a term – technical and/ or economic feasibility. But when did full truth ever help win an election in the World?

Let us discuss an idea, about how we can make Solar Power at a cheaper cost.

The life of a Solar panel is 25 years, but it is assumed that the efficiency drops to 80% in the 10th year. And by the first five years the RoI is achieved. Now as newer and more efficient panels are being produced, there could be a cause for worry that it would be more and more difficult to sell them, as the traditional first enterprises to take up the challenge and having installed Solar Parks would still be holding on to the “old” SPV for its 25 year life span.

English: On 140 acres of unused land on Nellis...

So how does one make the Solar PV industries grow? How would the cost be covered and  more efficient panels generating more power and consuming less space and lighter in weight too come into the market?

One idea could be by selling old solar panels !   It is a great eco-idea and to encourage this, we need participation from all stake holders.

Second sale is popular in automobile, mobile phone and many products, the market system is mature. All it needs is to tweak it to conform to the SPV industry.

Imagine villages in India, Africa, Brazil and other developing nations who have a huge socio-economic gap among its Peoples and yet are emerging economies of the future; could create a Program of Activities where in a Public -Private partnership can be mooted and a viable business plan developed.

From Village roofing; thus eliminating traditional  thatch roof which is becoming more dearer as communities shift away from agrarian life-style and there is land use change; to community shelters for the destitute sleeping in the cold & rain; to roofing alternatives for very small-scale or cottage industries; to providing power to their electric stoves, thus eliminating the GHG from Gobar Gas plants ( read my article – Renewable Energy – Empowering Women & Saving Forests ) the ideas can be many and each more practical and wonderful than the earlier.

Now add to this the Green Climate Fund and let the project proponents recoup some of their investment ( which is lower to start with in second sale product ) through Carbon Credit.

Hope someone would develop on this idea and present it at the Rio+20.


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7 responses to “Green Business Ideas : Cheap Solar Power is possible

  1. way2solar

    January 28, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    thats a good idea!!! but do you you can resale solar panels in this way!!!


    • Oyeta936

      January 28, 2012 at 1:08 PM

      India, is just catching on to Solar Power Plants, its not yet mature with any project beyond 5 years. However, this idea is to be propagated in EU & America, where they have an obligation under UNFCCC and can thus create a PoA with this idea for the underdeveloped or developing nations and thus cover their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and lower investment, which is a problem at present market.


  2. acckkii

    January 25, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    Could you please tell me how much is the rate of power per KWh given by power authority with/without subsidies, and how much it costs the same to anyone who likes to use solar power? We may have something to proceed.


    • Oyeta936

      January 25, 2012 at 11:31 PM

      Dear acckkii,
      Could you please specify,State and Country please.


      • acckkii

        January 26, 2012 at 2:54 PM

        Sorry, as understood from your post my question was about India. You know the question could not be about all the countries. Gathering such data is not possible unless it is referred to other sources that I have it, or I may find them elsewhere. My point was of course about India.


        • Oyeta936

          January 27, 2012 at 11:27 AM

          Acckkii, many send quires via various media to me, not necessarily in Indian context. However, the answer –
          Depending on the State (the state policy), the requirement, the power situation in the state, the grid connection, and the exact location, solar power can be sold to industries and projects with a long term PPA. The tariff will be in the range of Rs.6-Rs.10 per unit competing with diesel and power cuts.



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