Will UNEP lose to UNSC to avert Global Warming?

18 Nov

UNEP logo.
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UNEP is all set with its sister organizations to host the Durban Summit in sometime. The UNSC is also gearing up to decide which Country to be bombed to hell by the NATO or whatever umbrella organization the powers that be, choose to create. The UNFCCC on the other hand is getting ready to submit its “comprehensive” report on the status of Global warming which would then be argued upon by the representatives of powerful multinational corporate companies – read Politicians! The outcome is already known – No 2nd Kyoto Protocol. And small island Nations be dammed !

How many of them are known by name by the World at large ? Are we sure they would be missed, if a small Nation or two sink under the sea ? They are not really making any major difference to the  profit margin of you know – every useless junk food / lifestyle product Companies? They are better extinct. And they could take a few of the poor Nations along with them, good riddance !

However, there is one small little detail the Big Guns ( literally ) forget. The smoke from their gun powder would eventually choke them too !

I wonder if the upcoming UNFCCC report would contain the effect of  War on the Global Climate! All those bunker – busting bombs in Tora-bora mountain in the Afghanistan – Pakistan  region, or the burning of oil fields in Kuwait during the Desert storm and later the devastation of Iraq, Libya and ….hope there is no more, PLEASE!

It is being predicted that the Developed Nations, especially the USA & EU that they can not bear the cost of cleaning up the World which they have sullied in the first place. And by creating a “factory nation” out of China for their more noxious fumes belching production, included the once beautiful Country too within their camp. By the way India under the present regime, with Minister Jairam Ramesh out of the environment portfolio is also hoping to head the China way. But, it’s the same Developed Nations which are hell-bent in waging one War after the other and some how find the money for it. If someone could do the assessment of how much money and precious resources we have plundered to wage War since  first World War; I’m sure we could have completed the International Space station and perhaps mining the Moon and setting up smoke belching Factories there.

What say Hon; Ban Ki Moon ? Can a resolution with this idea be read out at the UN ! It is perhaps then we will have true abatement of Global Warming!


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