Climate Change; keeping it simple

01 May

The last time I gave a lecture on risk of Climate change..someone came up to me and said that he understood the whole thing a little better. On asking him why he said ” oh! you made it so close to everyday life”.
That set me thinking…I will be giving a lecture again this month to a group of very very hardened Builders in Mumbai. I know from my past experience that anything I say would not really matter.
So what I must do is bring the truth..the way I see it..closer to everyday life once again. And this time I chose to blog..never ever done this, so if any one reads this and finds it worth there while..will perhaps turn me into a better blogger.
Today we all know of the Risk to Business due to Climate change. However what many would not know is that it is already impacting their daily lives and business.
Take for example the paucity of good construction sand in Mumbai. As we have been told, this is due to banning of illegal mining and dredging of the sea. Greed led to over exploitation and that in turn led to damaging of the eco-system.
Well Eco-system be dammed! one would say, but that same person is losing on his “dal-roti” because the river from which the sand was excavated has changed its course and swept away the paddy fields, and those who love sea -food the dredging of the sea-floor has killed the fish there you go! Now you know why your shrimp has become so dear.
And the poor builder [who to requires a little dal/roti I’m sure] today is seeing his profits plummet and his business becoming more and more difficult to execute.
If just one component like sand can create such havoc, just imagine that when we look around us almost everything we use is either mined from the earth or extracted from the sea or plucked from plants.
Plants need water, so they require the river, the river requires its sandy banks in-order to remain stable and not wreak havoc and so on.


One response to “Climate Change; keeping it simple

  1. meghna

    April 11, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    >well brought out irony.. 🙂 All the best with ur blog!!!



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